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You can download most of their songs on Audiogalaxy (although why don't you just buy their music?) but slowdance has some mp3s to download also:

Counting Backward
Caspian Can Wait
Into the Open

I made a really really really (I'm stressing the really) bad recording on March 29th which you would only appreciate if you really liked their music or are able to somehow block very annoying distorted noises every 2 milliseconds.  You'll need to have realplayer to listen to them.

  1. A Special Gift To You
  2. Naked Girl
  3. Your Last Words
  4. Four Story Tantrum
  5. Mother Love
  6. Red Like Roses
  7. Caspian Can Wait
  8. Radiapathy
  9. Into the Open
  10. Penning the Penultimate
  11. Death