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The Velvet Teen is a wonderfully nice band that amuses me for some reason that I do not know.  Maybe they are not that amusing and I am just odd.  Probably that.  But even if they weren't, they make some very good music that makes me think, "Hey, this is good!  I must turn the world into Velvet Teen-y listening zombies!  But who will listen to me?"  You don't have to.  In fact, if you are still reading this I am surprised since I've already lost my train of thought.


I'm not going to write a whole biography about the band since I really don't know much about them (and I'm too lazy) but here is some general information.  They're three dudes; Judah Nagler (vocals, keyboards, guitar), Logan Whitehurst (drums, vocals, keyboards) and Josh Staples (bass, vocals), and they come from California.  That's a crapload of knowledge right there!  You can find out more about them by going to other pages.


I'm not sure why I've made this site, since the Velvet Teen already has a perfectly nice website of their own filled with their thoughts, but here I went anyway.  Too much time?  YES!  That is always the case.  And then not enough time.  It is both somehow, don't ask me how.


I do not know where I am going with this.  But maybe clicking on the links to your left will entertain you for a bit.


And if something is terribly awry with this site, contact me somehow.