Town Hall


Here's generally what I wrote the night I came home from the concert. 


The opening act: the music was nice, the guy singing was a bit scary...had some interesting chit-chat with the audience. So overall, not bad, but nothing I could really get into. :) 

And then the RUFUS came! With others. Of course, Rufus was as...himself as ever.  The thing he said I remember the most was at the end though (played two encores), when he talked about how when he was a kid his favorite toy was his apron, and he'd wear it and...yeah, have I said too much? Aprons, eh? I can imagine, how frightening! Rufus wore a white blouse and some nice pants which looked familiar, but I can't really remember from where. 

He played lots of stuff! About an hour and 45 minutes (good thing so I could catch my bus!) and the whole place was great, really. No annoying people! And at least it was a nice mix of people...or at least older than what I'm used to, which is very nice. So I was listening to my recording in the bus, it's very nice to...listen back. Because I forget so much of what actually happens during the concert. At some points I closed my eyes and then it felt nicer, but then it's stupid too, because it's...a concert! I should be watching, right? And in a way, I don't have to, the atmosphere of live music is what I really like, and seeing the people playing is nice too. My seats were alright (balcony row E seat 39), as in I could see the stage fine, although I was angled in such a way that I would be looking more at the back of Rufus's head when he was playing piano. :) 

So, I suppose that's it! I bought some t-shirts before the show four of for me and three of my friends, so that's $80 down the drain. $20 a shirt isn't so bad for concert stuff though, although they're a one-size-fits-most women's shirt type deal. It fits me, although not in such a flattering way. Which is why I avoid girly clothes, *cough*. 


Sound Clips


All sound clips are in streaming realaudio, so you'll need realplayer to listen to em.  Click on the a to hear the song and the b to hear what Rufus said BEFORE the song (that kind of makes sense, right?  ...) and if you want to download the songs in realaudio go here.  The quality sucks, I know, but try to enjoy anyway.  :)



1 Gray Gardens a
2 The Greek Song a | b
3 Rebel Prince a | b
4 California a | b
5 The Consort a | b
6 Evil Angel a | b
7 In A Graveyard a
8 Moulin Rouge a
9 Hallelujah a | b
10 One Man Guy a | b
11 Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk a
12 Beauty Mark a
13 Foolish Love a | b
14 Poses a | b
15 Across the Universe a | b
16 April Fools a | b
17 Tower of Learning a
18 In My Arms a | b
19 Quand Vous Mourez Des Nos Amours a | b





- Rufus + musicians + many colorful  lights = fun!


- happy concertgoers