I don't know much about Plone, so bear with me.  :)


Plone is an imaginary cartoon-like sound.  Plone formed in 1996 and consists of three guys from Birmingham, England; Mike Bainbridge, Mark Cancellara, and Michael Johnston.   Their music comes from old drum machines, analogue synthesizers, and effects all smooshed together to make some kind of bloopy electronic soup (yum!).  


Their first EP featured the songs "Press A Key" and "Electronic Beauty Parlour" and was released on the Wurlitzer Jukebox label.  Their second EP, "Plock," was released on the Warp Records label in 1998 and received much critical acclaim, including being named "Single of the Year" by Melody Maker.  Plone also appeared on the compilation We Are Reasonable People with the song "Plaything."  They finally released their debut album, For Beginner Piano, in 1999.


Influences include  Kraftwerk, John Barry, The Upsetters, The Beach Boys, Flying Lizzards, Suicide, Sun Ra, Joe Meek and 80's electro pop.

What does Plone mean to me?...