About the Artist


-Name: Katherine. Kat to you lot. 
-Who named you? My parents funnily enough. 
-Nicknames: ...Kat, Kate, Katie, Kit-Kat, Kitty-Kat, 4KB, Kitty, Kit, Caffeine, Laa, Kattles, Katty, Cat, K, Kt, Kattikins (Grr), Katflap (double grr), Kitten...can I stop yet? *Does anyway*
-Sex: Female. 
-Eye color: Hazel. 
-If you could change your eye color, what would you change it to? Green. Fwee. 
-Hair Color: Blahy. Like..mousy.
-Height: 5'5 and ". Lol.
-Birth date: 11/20/84
-Sign: Scorpio.
-Birthplace: England. 
-Current Residence: In my house. Duh. 
-Parent's names: David and Barbara.
-Siblings: One sister. 
-Pets: One cat. 
-Religion: I'm an atheist.
-Piercings: None. 
-Tattoos: Not..yet..:D
-Righty or lefty: Righty.
-Are you currently dating anyone? Nope. 
-What do you want to be when you grow up? An...animator.
-What major city do you live by? San Francisco. 
-If you could play any instrument, what would it be: Guitar.
-What's on your mouse pad? A mouse.
-Ever had the drink Calypso Breeze? ..........no.....why, was I meant to? 
-Sunshine or rain? Rain.
-Vanilla or chocolate? Chocolate.
-Silver or gold? Silver. 
-Day or night? Night. *Huzzahs for darkness*


-Colors: Black, poiple, and dark blue.
-Time of day: Night. Well...actually, the second school finishes. Hate school? Me? Nah...
-Soft toy: Hmm..Bandit. It's a raccoony thing *nods*.
-Animal: Wolf. ^_^
-TV show: Buffy, Witchblade, and Charmed.
-Number: 4. 
-Why? Because it is..:P
-Holiday: Halloween.
-Subject: Lol. Art. There's a surprise.
-Least Favorite Subject: .....that's too hard. Can't I just say school?
-Food: Heh. Chocolate? I like mashed potatoes too..
-Type of Ice Cream: Cookies and Cream. Microwaved of course..
-Drink: Tea..or water. Or..coffee with large amounts of chocolate syrup and sugar in.
-Salad dressing: Ick to salad dressing.
-Cartoon: Um..I like a lot of cartoons..but..OOH! Gargoyles XD

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